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Learn to bartend using real alcohol!

The Columbia School of Mixology has been training bartenders since 1965 and in that time our graduates have gone on to find great success in every level of the business. From bars to clubs to private staffing and catering, you can be sure that a Columbia School of Mixology graduate has worked there. All our classes are taught right on Columbia University's Morningside Heights campus.

Real alcohol. We are one of the few bartending schools in New York to teach you using real alcohol. We believe that learning to make good drinks with flavored water, the common practice at other bartending schools, is like learning to cook with fake food – it is just not the same! Great bartenders do not simply memorize ingredients, they know what flavors mix well together. We will teach you the most popular new and classic drinks and also give you a chance to develop your own palate.

Teachers. Our teachers are also all graduates of our own program and professional bartenders. They have gone through the test, done the drink mixing, and bartended in bars from New York City to New Zealand and Australia. They will provide feedback for your first attempts at mixology with insight and good humor and will share bartending tips based on their own expertise and experience.

Rates. Even though our classes are taught by practicing professional bartenders and use premium liquors and liqueurs such as Ketel One, Baileys and Chambord, we still provide instruction for a comprehensive price as low as $250, if you use a discount. Other schools charge upwards of $800 dollars to simply get you started bartending with colored water. We give you all the skills you need at a fraction of the price.

TIPS. All of our teachers are certified under a nationally recognized safety program, TIPS, giving them expertise on safely working with alcohol – knowledge that they will pass along to you!

Fun. Taught by Columbia University students, most importantly, our classes are incredibly fun. Whether you are serious about professional bartending field, are sick of throwing back Screwdrivers (aka ‘Vodka-Orange’s) at house parties, or are simply looking for something to do during the evenings, our classes are perfect. We teach you all the basics and make sure you have a good time doing it.