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The Columbia Bartending Agency is a student run bartending and mixology enterprise committed to providing professional and educational opportunities to the Columbia community.

As a fully student-run business,the Columbia Bartending Agency exceeds expectations daily. We strive to bring back the golden age of alcohol and mixology as an art form. A group of dedicated Columbia University students, we work towards teaching our peers, assisting the New York City community at events around the city, overall creating a social and yet responsible atmosphere for our clients.

Sociability. Our bartenders are committed to providing excellent service in every way. They'll mix you a French Martini or an Old Fashioned, while engaging in a thoughtful and informative conversation with your guests. They will create an unparalleled intellectual atmosphere at your event.

Responsibility. All of our bartenders are certified under a nationally recognised safety program, TIPS, to make sure your event is conducted in a safe environment. Our team is trained to take responsibility for making sure that our services will leave you absolutely satisfied and your event a great success.

We are experienced at providing our excellent services both to large clients, from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University to George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and smaller-scale events at your personal home.

We have recently been featured in New York Magazine’s “Still-in-School Labor Pool”.