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These are our rates. Please take note of them so you are not surprised when you get a quote. In addition to our rates, please be advised of the following:

  • Network Access Fee: The $30 Network Access Fee is a once yearly fee to hire our bartenders. It is not a deposit and it is not deducted from the bartender's cost. It is non-refundable for cancelled events.
  • Cab Fare: For events ending after 10:00pm, we require a taxi fee to help transport student bartenders back to Columbia. This fee is assessed per cab, not bartender.
  • Travel Time: For events outside of Manhattan and/or greater than one hour away, clients are billed for transportation costs and the hourly rate set. Travel time and method of transport will be determined by the Agency and based on readily available information.
  • Method of payment: Cash is preferred but you can work out any desired method of payment with your bartender. Payment in full must be made to the bartender at the end of the event.
  • Hourly Rate: You set your bartender's rate when you book your event. We provide you with market information to give you an idea of the going rate for their services. The minimum rate is $30/hr.
Standard Rate $35-40+/hr
Rush Rate $45-55+/hr
Holiday Rates $50-60+/hr

*This market information serves as a guideline only.  

  • Gratuity: A 20% added gratuity is customary, but not required.